Euro Auto Center

Quality Service you can trust

Euro Auto Center was created to provide superior auto service and auto repair. Our ASE certified mechanics and technicians use the latest technology and stay up to date on the most important trends in the automotive business. The result is that you get the best auto service for your dollar.

What we do for you

In addition to working with on your vehicle we go the extra mile to help make the process as worry free and convenient as possible.

  • 24 month / 24.000 mile warranty on all services - This covers both; parts and labor
  • Early drop off and late pickup when you schedule doesn't match ours. Ask your service advisor for more details
  • Rental Car. We maintain relationships with several major car rental companies, and will be happy to make the arrangements at your request

Put your mind at ease

Our service advisors are very knowledgeable and will recommend the best solution to keep you vehicle in top running condition. You will be advised on what service need to be performed now, and what can be put off for a future visit. No work is done without your prior approval.


What we do for your vehicle

Euro Auto Center professional staff has been trained to offer the following expert services for most passenger, sports, luxury and SUVs.

Scheduled Maintenance

  • Scheduled maintenance is a set of predetermined tasks specified by the manufacture. These maintenance intervals should be done based on your vehicle mileage or by an indicator on your dashboard

Preventive Maintenance

  • Oil Change & Filter Service
  • Tune Up
  • Fluid and Filter changes
  • Vehicle Inspection
  • Tire Rotation


  • Check Engine Light
  • Computer, PCM, ECM, BCM Systems
  • Emissions Control System
  • Brake and Antilock Brake System
  • Performance & Drivability
  • Airbag Systems


  • Starter, Battery Alternator
  • Instrumentation, Dash, Gauges
  • Power Windows, Wipers, Door Locks and other accessories
  • Indicators, Turn Signals, Headlamps, etc.

Repair Services

  • Heating & Air Conditioning systems
  • Driveline - Transmission, Transfer Case, Drive Shafts
  • Differentials & Axles
  • Steering, Suspensions, Wheel Bearings, Hubs
  • ABS, Disc, Drum and parking Brakes
  • Engine - Spark Plugs, Fuel and Air Filters, Fuel Injectors
  • Cooling Systems - Radiator, Water Pump, hoses, Thermostats

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